Mining and Health: Aboriginal communities

Australia needs to tread carefully the direction it takes with its indigenous population and also, with the healthcare system overall.

There are many steps that need to be taken to fix a system that is not working for many people, it may be scoring goals economically but Australia needs to review and stay true to its human rights commitments.

Release of “Our Generation” Documentary by Our Generation Media.

Our Generation Media Director’s Damien Curtis & Sinem Saban have generously released an online version of their documentary, “Our Generation” visible only until 10th January 2013.

This film won Best Campaign Film at the London International Documentary Festival of 2011 and is described as “the groundbreaking people-powered film that has been at the heart of the indigenous rights movement in Australia.”

Please find below the link to this amazing documentary.

A notice to readers and followers: change of environment, literally.


It is with high hopes and great anticipation that I announce that there will be a shift of focus for the website as of December 1st 2012.

The main approach behind the website will be on ecological & indigenous rights. It will look into these as separate and/or interlinked issues. For example, stories on ecological damage or stories on indigenous land affected by environmental mismanagement or corporate practices.

The purpose of which is to advocate & advance the interests of indigenous people in Australia and worldwide and the preservation of our fragile ecology.

It is not limited to stories of despair, stories where positive change has occurred are most welcome.

The website looks forward to producing engaging, interesting & insightful work and looks forward to any contributions.

Best Regards,

Editor & Creator.

First Voices Team.

*as of yet, there is no confirmation as to whether or not there will be a change of website name.

As peace slowly restores, Rio Tinto slowly returns – Bertelsmann Future Challenges


The writer of this post very nicely addresses the long standing issue associated with the history and future of Bougainville and the mining industry. Ravaged by war after empty promises and indications by local politicians that Rio Tinto were directly involved in the military efforts against the locals, Bougainvilleans have full right to be suspicious and the international community has full right and should be extra wary and put extra pressure on Rio Tinto to act responsible and demonstrate leadership in the mining sector if it is to re-enter Bougainville and re-open the Panguna mine.
We are yet to see if this will go forth but if it does, we are all watching and will keep our finger on the pulse. Landowners must be respected and the community must be consulted appropriately.

Read full article on this site more info at this link