Mining and Health: Aboriginal communities

Australia needs to tread carefully the direction it takes with its indigenous population and also, with the healthcare system overall.

There are many steps that need to be taken to fix a system that is not working for many people, it may be scoring goals economically but Australia needs to review and stay true to its human rights commitments.

Education dreaming, becoming reality – Bertelsmann Future Challenges


Stu O’Brien from talks about the failure of a government-run initiative to tackle the issue of “indigenous education” and how the private sector (Rio Tinto) has stepped up to meet this gap.

I would never have thought that a mining giant would be more effective in meeting educational needs for indigenous communities than our own, appointed, democratically elected government!

As it becomes clear that western culture is ill-equipped to adequately respond to climate change, demand for alternative forms of climate data is growing. In Australia the knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) peoples is attracting particular attention for its capacity to provide rich information about local level ecology and cross-generational ecological change. Indeed the diverse cosmological perspectives offered by ATSI groups, in which materialism and linearity are not part, evidence alternative and sustainable ways of being and draw striking parallels with new as well as various and movements. Moreover ATSI communities are increasingly and offering dynamic alternatives to the dilemmas we face.

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By Erin Riddell from

This site is dedicated to creating a better and greater understanding and connection between indigenous and non indigenous peoples all over the world. However, this distinction has the effect of, as politics so comfortably does, bifurcating this complex, multi-layered and shared world. We are not indigenous and non indigenous, nor Western or non-Western, nor are we first world and third world, we are people in ONE world.

The intention behind this site is to create a space where people of an indigenous background living in a post-colonial or ‘settler’ state are able to share their experiences with those interested and an opportunity to know about what you might have not been able to hear because it gets drowned out by the noise of global financial crises, market stability and the ‘Wars on Terror’.

Beginning after an held in in 2011, a group of interested and inspired people decided to start this blog where indigenous rights and knowledge could be shared and experienced, in the online sphere. There are voices that aren’t being heard because they are being actively ignored.

It is open to ALL who wish to contribute and especially for the First Voices of our world.